Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Valhalla Bakery - Orlando, Florida

I finally got a chance to try the red velvet goodies from Valhalla Bakery in Orlando, Florida. I found out about the bakery through a friend who had Valhalla Bakery do her wedding cake. Valhalla Bakery just recently purchased a storefront which should open soon. Valhalla is otherwise found at local markets in Orlando as well as foodie events.

I had to have Valhalla send me their goodies because we could never seem to link up in Orlando. I always ended up missing them for one reason or another. However, I will say this, the wait was worth it!

Red Velvet Cupcakes & Brownie
I tried the brownie first, it seemed the easiest thing to tackle right away. It tasted amazing! The ingredients include red velvet Oreo cookies and let me tell you, you can taste every bite. That plus the red of the brownie ingredients make this brownie top notch, and that's saying a lot coming from a non-brownie person.

The cupcakes were also delicious. The cake had the perfect amount of chocolate flavoring. The cake was moist, light, but also had the spongey quality you generally want in a cake. The frosting was creamy and sweet, however I didn't taste the cream cheese flavor. I really enjoyed the cupcake in a cup idea, I think all the places that has used this idea has been a win in my book.

Overall I really enjoyed Valhalla's red velvet treats. The only issue I had was the amount of frosting to cake ratio. I would have liked more cake in the cup. I can't wait to see what other red velvet treats Valhalla Bakery has in store for me. They mentioned a red velvet pie and I can not wait to try it! And to think, they're all vegan.

Let the journey continue...

Price: $6 per double down cupcake; $4 per brownie
Cake: light, fluffy, moist, chocolatey
Icing: creamy, cream cheese based
Decorations: simple
Overall Rating: 8/10
Website: Valhalla Bakery

Addendum: So the fine bakers at Valhalla Bakery explained to me that since the cupcakes are vegan, the taste won't be exactly the same. They had to use vegan substitutes or completely remove traditional flavors because they weren't vegan friendly. I think this really explains the setbacks I found in the cupcakes. I imagine if I were used to a vegan diet I may be more satiated by the flavors. Hopefully this helps you all in your Valhalla Bakery indulgence!

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