Thursday, March 30, 2017

Porto's Bakery - Los Angeles, California

Over the St. Patrick's Day weekend, I decided to take a trip south to Los Angeles, California. I always loved Southern California...the weather, the beaches, the food...literally nothing to complain about! Most of the weekends activities included going to places I had wanted to go to, art museums and the Griffith Observatory. Traffic was definitely a buzzkill and made me realize I did have something to complain about LA! Overall though, everything was great.

On Saturday evening, I was treated to a surprise. I got a chance to go to Porto's, an apparent legend in the LA area. When I got to the bakery/restaurant, the line was out the door...that was just the line to get into the main line I later discovered. Once in the actual line to order, you're greeted with a huge placard listing all the goodies the bakery/restaurant has to offer. They have savory baked goods, sweets, cakes, and meals. To my happiness, they had a section of cupcakes. Of course, they had the famous red velvet cupcake. Clearly I already knew what I was having for dessert.

My excitement was unwarranted however. While the other baked goods I got were delicious (the guava cheese pastry was the best thing I've eaten in a long time), the red velvet cupcake was subpar at best. It was dry, clearly over baked, and there wasn't nearly enough cocoa flavor. I could barely taste any chocolate. The frosting was very good, however it didn't have that delicious cream cheese flavor I was looking for. Overall, I was quite disappointed. I would highly recommend their tres leches cake or the apple strudel over the red velvet cupcake.

Here's hoping my next cupcake adventure proves more rewarding!

Price $1.95
Cake: dry, not enough cocoa flavor
Icing: creamy, not enough cream cheese flavor
Decorations: simple rose petal
Overall Rating: 3/10
Website: Porto's Bakery