Thursday, February 5, 2015

Carasid - Goa, India

Here's one last throwback from my travels after my Peace Corps service:

When I decided to go to Goa, I never thought cupcakes would be part of the vacation...heat that smacks you in the face, yes. Fresh fish, yes! But not cupcakes...unless they were fish cupcakes. Not too appealing in my head.

Well was I sure surprised when I found not one but ten bakeries! Unfortunately one I visits had no cupcakes but another, Carasid did! They had small cupcakes, somewhere between mini and regular sized.

They weren't designed very fancy but they were nice. The red velvet was decorated with a thick swirl of buttercream frosting. The flavor was very sweet and heavy on the cream cheese flavor. The cake itself was a bit dry and lacked the chocolate flavor I so craved. The frosting was a bit overpowering for the cake, even though the cake was more or less a vanilla cake. The overall taste was okay thought it left me wanting something more. Sadly the only thing I had more was heat and humidity.

My search for a true red velvet cupcake continues in Mumbai...

Price 120 rupees
Cake: dry, no chocolate flavor
Icing: heavy on cream cheese frosting
Decorations: none
Overall Rating: 4/10

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