Monday, December 15, 2014

Frostings Etc. - Tampa, Florida

My Christmas present to myself has been a feast of Tampa Bay red velvet cupcakes. I'm trying to cross the local bakeries off my list while I'm still here.

Recently, thanks for one of my Peace Corps buddies, I got to try the a red velvet cupcake from Frostings Etc., a local cupcake bakery in the SoHo district of Tampa. The bakery is in a very hip and chic area of Tampa, definitely a growing neighborhood. The owner and head baker has been at it for about 20 years, but only recently began sharing her cupcake creations to the Tampa Bay area.

My dear friend brought me the red velvet cupcake after a long day's work and when I opened the box, I knew this was going to be a fancy treat. As one can see from the decoration and presentation, the bakery reflects the growing upscale neighborhood its located in. After a long day's work, this was definitely a welcomed treat.

Red Velvet Cupcake from Frostings Etc.
The cupcake itself was delicious. It was soft, moist, and had a nice taste of chocolate, exactly what I needed after work. The cake itself was perfect. The combination of the icing and cake was nearly perfect, except for the icing. While the icing was definitely cream cheese based, it tasted more like a whipped cream type frosting rather than the traditional thick, creamy frosting normally paired with red velvet. That and the addition of textured crumbs were slightly distracting. I felt it was an overly sweet pairing with the cake base, which took away from the overall experience.

Overall though, it held up to its end of the bargain! I'm happy to report that Tampa Bay is filled with wonderful red velvet cupcakes. I can't wait to try the other locations in the Bay area and see how they compare!

Price: $3/cupcake
Cake: moist, airy,
Icing: smooth, sweet, texture of whipped cream
Decorations: elegant
Overall Rating: 8/10
Website: Frostings Etc.

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