Wednesday, March 26, 2014

BCupcakes - Winter Park, Florida

Spring has finally arrived and with spring comes festival season! The Winter Park Art Festival took place this past weekend and my mother and I decided to attend. On the way to the festival, I noticed a cupcake bakery I had never seen before (which isn’t surprising considering how little I visit Winter Park), BCupcakes. A few days after the festival, I went back to check out just how BCupcakes stood up to the competition.

The variety of cupcakes available ranges from traditional vanilla and chocolate to 21+ flavors like Kahlua, Baileys, and Rum Snowball. Along with the traditional Red Velvet, I decided on the German Chocolate cupcake.

When I bit into the red velvet cupcake, the first thing that stood out was the creamy texture of the cream cheese frosting. It was a great balance between sweet and creamy. The cream cheese flavor was not too overpowering but could definitely stand on its own compared to any other cream cheese frosting I have tried. I was so impressed with the creamy texture of the frosting and the taste of it, I didn't think to pay attention to the cake.

Unfortunately, I knew almost right away this wasn't the red velvet to rule them all. When I took the cupcake out of the box, it felt harder than necessary, almost burnt. When I took my first bite of the cake alone, the cake was very dry. The bottom was a bit spongy, but overall it was a letdown in terms of texture. It was almost as if the cake had dried out during the day, which may be factual. The taste was okay, however it lacked the traditional chocolate flavoring I have been searching for.

Sadly, my search and confusion continue.

Price: $3/cupcake
Cake: heavy, dry, overcooked
Icing: Creamy, smooth, not too sweet, not overpowering in cream cheese taste
Decorations: Simple
Overall: 3/10 sprinkles

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