Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cupcake Fairies - New Orleans, Lousiana

After the hullabaloo that was my brother's engagement party, I was treated, by him, to a cruise to Mexico. The cruise departed from New Orleans, Louisiana giving me an opportunity to explore another city in my attempt to find the perfect red velvet cupcake.

My journey took me to the French Market in the French Quarter area of NOLA. The market was lively and filled with scrumptious scents, from traditional Louisiana dishes to sweet deserts, including cupcakes!

I found a booth for the Cupcake Fairies, a local establishment specializing in cupcakes in a plastic cup.

Red Velvet Cupcake in a Cup
According to the Cupcake Fairies legend, "two very special magical fairies create unique, beautiful, and delicious cupcakes for your pleasure. Using the finest ingredients, we craft moist, seriously addictive cakes topped with rich, creamy frosting. Cupcake Fairies offers personalized service, and we guarantee that each handcrafted cupcake is a delicious reflection of your event theme. Delivered fresh to your door, our cupcakes offer you a unique way to celebrate and share. We deliver magic to offices, homes, special event locations, birthday parties, or anywhere you want cupcakes." Their specialties also include the traditional King Cake served during Mardi Gras season. I was interested to see how that was worked into cupcake form, but there were none on display at the French Market location.

The cupcake looked delicious with layers of frosting and cake. I was very excited to open it up and dive in with my spoon, but when I took off the top, the top layer of frosting came off with it.

While this caused me to hesitate, it did not stop me from completing my test. I tasted the top portion of the frosting and was hit with a blast of sugar. I instantly felt more awake but was disappointed the bakers didn't use a traditional cream cheese frosting for the top. The frosting itself was sweet and smooth, much like a traditional birthday cake icing or frosting. When I tasted my first bite of cake, I was greeted with a bread-like denseness that I was not expecting. There was also a dryness to the cake that was surprising. I did find a hint of chocolate, which was pleasant. Once I broke through the first layer of cake I was welcomed by the traditional cream cheese frosting hiding in the middle layer of frosting. It was creamy and smooth, though the cream cheese flavor was a bit over powering.

Overall, I felt that the idea of a cupcake in a plastic cup was novel and I enjoyed the concept. The cake itself was okay. It was beat by the sweetness of the icing and the surprise of the cream cheese center. In the end, I was left still craving that classic light and fluffy red velvet cupcake.

Price $5 cupcake in a cup
Cake - dry, heavy, almost like bread/Hint of chocolate
Icing - more like sweet frosting/icing with middle layer of cream cheese, slightly overpowering
Decorations: none
Overall: 5/10 sprinkles
Website: Cupcake Fairies Website/Cupcake Fairies Blog

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