Monday, August 10, 2015

Sweet IRB - Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

The weather here in Tampa Bay has been pretty rough for the past few weeks. We finally got a break from the rain and had a couple sunny days, so a friend and I decided to hit up the beach!

We had gone to Indian Rocks Beach earlier in the summer and found a quaint little cupcake shop right on the beach, so I thought we would hit it again on our way.

Last time we visited the spot, they did not have red velvet cupcakes in stock. I initially planned to call ahead to make sure they had my beloved cupcakes in stock this time around, but alas I forgot. Lucky for me, we went early enough to find there were still some available for us.

Sweet IRB Cupcake Display
 "Sweet IRB is a southern bakery, coffee shop and cafe’ located in the middle of the Gulf Blvd Beach Communities.  Sweet IRB services includes retail/walk-in, catering (weddings, corporate events, special occasions, etc) and wholesale (coffee shops, restaurants, etc.)."

Red Velvet on the Beach
We grabbed two red velvet cupcakes and headed over to the beach to enjoy our goodies. The first thing I tried was the frosting. It was deliciously smooth and creamy, just the right texture. I just wish there wasn't so much. It may have been because the frosting melted a bit, but I felt that the frosting overpowered the cake.

I tried the cake alone and found it to be nearly perfect! The level of cocoa flavor was a little less than I would've liked, but overall the cake was moist, light, airy. The texture was perfect and if there was just a little less frosting and a little more cocoa, I think this would be the reigning champion!

So close to perfect!
So if you're ever in the area of Indian Rocks Beach, check out Sweet IRB. You will not be disappointed!

Price $2.50/each
Cake: moist, airy, near-perfect chocolate flavor
Icing: smooth, creamy, cream cheese buttercream
Decorations: none
Overall Rating: 9/10
Website: Sweet IRB

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