Tuesday, February 11, 2014

cupcakes to go go - Edmond, Oklahoma

Only a few weeks after my fated return to the U.S., I went on another trip, this time a domestic visit to Oklahoma to see my brother and the wild wild west. Unfortunately the west is fairly tame, and cold. Fortunately, I was able to find a cupcake bakery to check out!

cupcakes to go go is a vacation and traveling inspired cupcake shop. All the cupcakes have travel themed names, like the Key West Lime, the Mount St. Chocolate, and the Route 66 Red Velvet. For more about the bakery, check out the journey.

This theme of vacation and traveling really peaked my interest, being a travel enthusiast myself, so I decided to take a journey myself and visit cupcakes to go go.

Upon entering the bakery, one notices the fun, friendly atmosphere. The walls are decorated to inspire traveling and enjoyment while keeping your focus on the cupcake displays. I selected the Route 66 Red Velvet as well as the Cookies & Creak Capped Mountain and continued my journey back to the house.

When I first took a good look at the red velvet, I noticed the color was a very intense red, almost a neon red. It made me wonder whether the cupcake would glow in the dark! The decorations and icing quantity was nice, it did not seem that there was too much icing compared to the size of the cupcake.

Route 66 Red Velvet

After unwrapping the cupcake my mouth started to water and I had to take my first bite. The first thing I noticed was the sweetness of the icing. It overpowered the taste of the cake, so much so I didn't even noticed the cake. I had to take a piece of cake on its own to realize there was no chocolate in the red velvet. Now, to me, a traditional, true red velvet has the richest chocolate flavor, better than a Devil's food cake. I'm always disappointed when I taste a red velvet that isn't chocolate. Clearly, the cake was a vanilla cake with heaps of red dye. That was a disappointment. With that let down, I continued on the cake, to noticed that the cake itself was nicely baked. It was light and fluffy and had the proper airiness to it. The icing was a bit hardened but still smooth.

Overall, the cupcake was okay, though I think had it been more chocolatey it would have been better.

Price: $2.50/cupcake
Cake: Light, fluffy, airy
Icing: Slightly hardened, thick, smooth, too sweet
Decorations: Simple but nice
Overall: 4/10 Sprinkles
Website: http://www.cupcakes2gogo.com/

Until my next red velvet road stop...

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